Debbie Mitchell



After starting a family at a young age, I became a music copyist in the entertainment industry in Southern California. The work was grueling enough that I promised myself I would retire early - and that I did - moving with my husband to Maine in 2004.

An amateur photographer, beginning when my kids were born, I took to writing poetry in my late 30's, then made sterling jewelry in my 40's. Fast forward to my mid 60’s, living in Maine, when I began studying art with Kris Engman at the University of Maine. After a few years of wandering around in art, I leapt firmly into the study of oils and color, and knew I'd found a good home. Some nine years later I find myself in the studio more and more, with shapes and lines becoming most of my work. I use my split personality, as a left and right brained artist, to fill the panels with lots of neutrals and some of the colors that I love. I don’t have a deep history in art, and not a lot of formal training, just a lot of plain old passion.


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