JoAnne Houlsen


Since coming to Maine over thirty years ago, I have been fascinated with the land.  When I walk across a hay field or through the forest or when I visit untouched coastal regions, my senses become keenly aware of my surroundings.  At times the clouds are moving so quickly  I feel I might be caught up in one and whisked away.  At other times, walking through a sun-drenched summer field with golden grasses, wild flowers and the drone of insects, I become still and listen to the orchestrated day.   It is these sensual experiences that I strive to capture in my paintings.

     I paint in a contemporary realistic style, not quite impressionism and not quite photorealistism.  By applying thin layers of paint and gradually building up the surface of the image with glazes, I am able to work on the painting over a period of time, and by so doing, can change the mood of the painting to reflect what I am feeling at a particular moment.  I paint almost exclusively in the studio using photographs that I take myself as visual references for my paintings.


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