MF Morrison


Primarily a printmaker, the majority of the work I do is known as intaglio copper plate etching. When pleased with drawing, composition, and quality of etch, I add elements of color and texture through a process known as (French term) chine colle. This is achieved by layering thin prepared pieces of rice or organic papers or precious metal gilding between the plate and dampened rag paper before they go through the press.

The nature of a print incorporating this chine colle process is so variable that the artist cannot honestly post “edition numbers” (for example, 1/20, or first print out of a print run no larger than 20). A print with chine colle has as its edition clarification S/P (special print), or A/P (artist’s print).

My imagery is clearly a distillation or representation of the natural world. I often use abstractions of fossils or dead or decomposing animals. I have heard viewers of my work comment that my narrative addresses climate or environmental concerns—issues that are important to me. I am grateful for any and all responses to my work but I am, in fact, trying to engage the viewer on a rather more intuitive level—perhaps setting the stage for the opening of a dialogue assessing the tools that might allow us to embrace grief, loss, fragility of life.


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